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One of my main hobbies is being a Rail Enthusiast. This tends to involve photographing railway type scenes and keeping up with the current rail situation. I'm also an avid modern image modeller, though with the way times are pressing on, I'll soon be degraded to an old modeller. These pages will hopefully show some of my pictures of the railways of this country and some of models as well.

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I've split up the photographs into easier sections.
I've had 3 camera's since I started photography, one Kodak 126, and two 35mm cameras. The pictures that are square were taken with the 126 and the rest are the standard 35mm 6"*4", though the sets from the 1998 Toton Open Day are in 7"*5". Please note that some pictures have had to be cut.

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Numbers in brackets indicate pictures in that section.

Classes 20 - 29 (5) Classes 30 - 39 (17) Classes 40 - 49 (52) Classes 50 - 59 (19) Classes 60 - 69 (8) Classes 70 - 79 (2)
Classes 80 - 89 (19) Classes 90 - 99 (12) EMU's (13) DMU - Old Gen (1) DMU - New Gen (10) Coaches (6)
Wagons (5) Shunters (5) Misc. (6) Steam (4) Multiple Classes (16) Models (7)

Total = 207 Pictures

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I have filled this site to the brim. So another 100 (unsorted pictures) are being kept at Yahoo

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